Is Your Conflict Avoidance Causing Big Problems in Your Life?

Are you a conflict avoider? Conflict is a normal, unavoidable part of life. But for many people, engaging effectively with conflict is a huge challenge. Each and every day, every single one of us deals with conflict, both internally and in our relationships with others. Internal conflict is something a lot of us brush aside […]

Why Do Men End Marriages?

Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of men unburden themselves to me as we go about the painful task of resolving their divorce issues. Often, it seems, their wives have been too wrapped up in their own marital grievances to stop, take a minute, and consider these grievances from their husbands’ point of view (and, […]

Before you vent about your husband…read this!

Moms who are the primary caregivers for their kids often have one or more of the following gripes about their husbands: Feeling unappreciated, feeling that their husbands have no clue how exhausting their lives are, being asked, “so, what do you do all day, anyway?”, being highly educated yet sacrificing hours each day to thankless, […]

5 “Fight Traps” That Could Be Poisoning Your Relationship

Fights are a healthy part of every relationship, right?  Wrong. There’s a huge difference between a respectful disagreement and a “fight”.  The former is healthy; the latter – not so much.  Fights, in fact, can be very destructive. In a “fight”, the objective is to beat the other person, or to win.  But does it […]