Why Valentine’s Day Can Suck, Even If You’re “Happy”

Valentine’s Day is a magical day – that is, if you’re six years old and also believe in fairies and wizards. For adults, the day can be a bit more complicated. Sure, some still get excited about it. But for many of us, it’s just another day on the calendar. And for others, it can […]

How To Advocate For Your School-Age Child Without Alienating the Teacher

  Have you ever been upset with your child’s teacher, or with your child’s school? Perhaps you’ve disagreed with how educators handled a specific problem involving your child,  or maybe you’ve felt frustrated because you couldn’t get the teacher to see your point of view.  If so, you know how stressful it is when your child’s needs just aren’t […]

When is the “right time” to separate?

Maybe you know you need to end your marriage, but you can’t quite figure out the “right time” to do it. If so, you’re far from alone.  It’s important to realize that the “right” timing depends so much on your individual circumstances, and that it’s not always practical, or even possible, to end it when […]

Is Your Conflict Avoidance Causing Big Problems in Your Life?

Are you a conflict avoider? Conflict is a normal, unavoidable part of life. But for many people, engaging effectively with conflict is a huge challenge. Each and every day, every single one of us deals with conflict, both internally and in our relationships with others. Internal conflict is something a lot of us brush aside […]

Before you vent about your husband…read this!

Moms who are the primary caregivers for their kids often have one or more of the following gripes about their husbands: Feeling unappreciated, feeling that their husbands have no clue how exhausting their lives are, being asked, “so, what do you do all day, anyway?”, being highly educated yet sacrificing hours each day to thankless, […]