About A Fly on the Wall

Welcome to A Fly on the Wall!  As a lawyer, family mediator, and conflict resolution specialist, I’ve spent my career working with people who are separating and divorcing.  As a mediator, I consistently hear both the “man’s version” and the “woman’s version” of each relationship breakdown at the divorce stage (and brutally honest versions at that, since divorcing people have nothing left to lose).  As a result of hearing “both sides” over and over again through the years, I’ve gained a perspective on marriage breakdown that I feel is different from that of most professionals.  Thus, I started this page so that I could share what I’ve learned with others.  I hope that what you read will deepen your understanding of where relationships go wrong, and that having this knowledge may help you strengthen yours!  Enjoy.

Rosanna Breitman, Toronto, Canada, May, 2015




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